Students and teachers at Tennessee Virtual Academy (TNVA), an online public school program of Union County Public Schools, will start the 2017-2018 school year on August 4. Tuition-free and open for all K-8 students in Tennessee, TNVA offers a personalized approach to learning that ensures every student receives an excellent educational experience.

Using online learning technology and a curriculum that builds on themes from one year to the next, the school offers more than 700 lesson plans per subject. Tennessee-certified teachers connect lessons across the core subjects of language arts, history, math and science, integrating what a student may be reading in literature class with what they are studying in history, all while encouraging their students to learn at their own pace.

“TNVA allows students to learn in ways that meet their unique needs,” says teacher Allison York. “Thanks to the flexibility of online learning and our rigorous curriculum, I provide my students with the support they need to thrive in the virtual classroom.”

Beyond offering the core subjects, TNVA’s courses are rounded out by electives in art and music, and students are able to discover and pursue their passions as the curriculum blends online and offline learning opportunities. Students become adept at using technology for their course work, projects and time management, and also use hands-on instructional materials such as text books and workbooks.

Throughout the year, students also have the opportunity to meet their teachers and classmates in person, through school outings, field trips and social events, and by organizing clubs and activities around shared interests.

TNVA is accepting enrollment for the 2017-18 school year. To learn more about enrollment visit Tennessee Virtual Academy’s website and find an in-person or online information session here.

About Tennessee Virtual Academy

Tennessee Virtual Academy is a full-time online public school program of Union City Schools. Serving students in kindergarten through eighth grade, TNVA is tuition-free, giving parents and families the choice to access the engaging curriculum and tools provided by K12 Inc. (NYSE: LRN), the nation’s leading provider of proprietary K-12 curriculum and online education programs. For more information about TNVA, visit here.