Every choice is not for every child,
but every child should have every choice.

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Powered by Education is devoted to educating families on all the options available in their state. Empowering them to decide what option is best for their child and encouraging them as they take action.

Your child has choices.

We firmly believe that a quality education should not be determined by your zip code but by you, the parent, according to the needs of your child. Each child is unique with very different learning styles and needs. As school choice expands, there are a growing number of ways in which families can choose the best educational setting for their child.

choice means choosing

Choice is great, but choice means choosing.

We have been through the complicated process of choosing a school and understand how confusing it can be. Children develop a love for learning when placed in a safe educational environment where they can be challenged to think, dream and explore. We’ve brought together information and resources to make educational choice easier to understand and access.

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It can be difficult to determine all the school options available in your state.

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Types of choices

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