Most parents already know that YouTube is a great educational resource for students. It is perfect for those days you just don’t want to teach or when the kids ask you difficult math questions that you have forgotten how to solve. But what if I told you, you could rely on YouTube as a way to teach or supplement all subjects for any age?

Two people are making that possible. Sal Khan and Hank Green are the creators of Khan Academy and CrashCourse, respectively. Here is what sets them apart from the other educational YouTube channels:

  • Complete Catalog of Subjects

The thing that sets Khan Academy and CrashCourse apart from other educational YouTube channels is the complete catalog of subjects they offer. Many education YouTube channels are very niche, focusing on only one subject such as math or computer science. Khan Academy and CrashCourse both have in depth courses on just about every subject taught in school from linguistics to organic chemistry. The benefit to having so many courses on one YouTube channel is consistency in learning. Instead of finding your math lessons on one channel and your history lessons on another, Khan Academy and CrashCourse let you have your lessons all in one place.

  • Engaging

Khan Academy and CrashCourse are very established tutoring companies, and they are both very well funded organizations that produce top quality content. Their educational videos are very engaging, interesting and easy to understand. All three of which can be a lot to ask for, when searching for educational YouTube videos. 

  • How it can work

From personal experience, I have learned a very effective way of using these channels to understand difficult topics. Start with a CrashCourse. CrashCourse videos teach the big picture of the subject or topic you wish to study. It gives students context to what they’re learning and why it is important. Once your student understands what and why they are learning, switch to Khan Academy. Khan Academy addresses the finer details of a topic, shows wired examples and explains how to use the newly learned concepts.