A common myth when it comes to homeschooling is that students cannot participate in extracurricular activities, such as sports, band or anything social. However, in Tennessee, students may play on the local school’s sports teams and participate in brick and mortar school extracurricular activities.


According to the Homeschool Legal Defense Alliance, “Effective March 11, 2015, TSSAA bylaws were changed so that homeschool students associated with a church-related school, or operating in a satellite of a church-related school, or enrolled in a distance learning program, may also participate in public school extracurricular athletics.” (Equal Access, 2017)


In order to participate, families must fill out a Notice of Intent and return it to the school, you wish to play sports for no later than August 1 each year you are intending to play. Then you must contact your school’s principle no later than August 15. Activities that do not fall under TSSAA guidelines and playing sports at non-TSSAA schools is allowed if the school approves it.  This is up to each individual school’s policies.  You can check with your local school to find out what’s available.


Home school students may also participate in public school extracurricular activities. tn.gov states, As written in Tennessee Code Annotated 49-6-3050, public school facilities may be used by home school participants with the approval of the principal of the school, but this permissive authority shall not be construed to confer any right upon the participants to use public school facilities. If approved, use shall be in accordance with rules established by the local board of education.



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